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Surf nature - gemeinsam die Nutzung der Regionalförderung verbessern!

SURF-Nature ist ein Projekt, in dem sich 14 Partner aus 10 unterschiedlichen EU-Mitgliedsstaaten zusammengefunden haben, um die Regionalpolitik zur Förderung und zum Schutz der Biodiversität und Natur weiter zu entwickeln.

Das Projekt wird durch INTERREG IVc finanziert und hat das Ziel, die derzeitigen und zukünftigen Fördermöglichkeiten für Naturschutz und Biodiversität innerhalb des  Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) zu verbessern.

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28.01.2014 / News - EU Level

EU public consultation on Interreg Europe

The interregional cooperation programme 2014-2020, called ‘INTERREG EUROPE’, is currently being shaped. Its objective is to help European regions to design and implement regional policies and programmes more effectively, in particular the EU Structural and Investment Funds programmes for Growth and...


New publication on Cohesion Policy investments in nature and green infrastructure

This SMART Guide to multi-benefit Cohesion Policy investments in nature and green infrastructure is the initiative of European Commission’s Directorate General (DG) for Regional and Urban Policy, in consultation with DG Environment, to help with the Cohesion Policy design and implementation across...

16.01.2013 / Project - News

Time to say Thank you and Goodbye

After three exciting years with a project team of more than 30 people across Europe it is time say thank you and goodbye (by Peter Torkler).

16.01.2013 / Project - News

SURF Nature – the work for biodiversity must go on!

SURF Nature partnership of 14 authorities and other bodies from ten countries has successfully finished the INTERREG IVC project. We came together three years ago to work on optimising regional policies and practices for the use of ERDF for investments into biodiversity and nature conservation.

15.01.2013 / Project - News

SURF Nature project - Publications and Translations

After three years of work a lot of very interesting and helpful publications have been published and for the most part translated into some partner languages.

09.01.2013 / News - National level

Press article on importance of ERDF funds in Brittany / France

Julie Verré, General Council of Côtes d'Armor, published an article in "La lettre de l`Aric" about the SURF nature project and an analysis of the use of the ERDF fund for biodiversity in Brittany.

09.01.2013 / Project - News

"Guidance on Assessing Socio-Economic Benefits for better access to Structural Funds for Biodiversity" has been published

European Funds provide different opportunities to complement the financing of national, regional and local nature conservation measures in the member states
 to preserve the precious natural assets and cultural landscapes.

09.01.2013 / Project - News

5th Thematic Booklet on Natura 2000 Management published

The fifth and last thematic booklet is dedicated to the management of Natura 2000 sites. After more than a decade of preparation to identify and designate Natura 2000 sites, the challenge now is to actually implement the necessary measures that will ensure the conservation and coherence of the...

09.01.2013 / News - EU Level

SURF-Nature on the conference “Greening European Regions”

SURF-Nature has been presented on the conference “‘Greening European Regions - biodiversity as a boost for regional and local economy”. The conference was held in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands on 12.12.2012 and was organized by ECNC and UNEP, the Province of Limburg, (B), and the municipality of...

08.01.2013 / Project - News

11th Training Session in Giurgiu County / Romania on 15th of November, 2012

On 15th November 2012 - WWF Romania and Giurgiu County Council organised the seminar ”European funds and their accessibility for nature conservation and a sustainable development of communities in Giurgiu County” between November 13-14th. This was part of the SURF Nature project and took place in...

20.12.2012 / Project - News

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Lead Partner and the Coordination Team of the SURF Nature Project would like to thank for the fruitful and inspiring cooperation and partnership. We wish you and your families a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! The next and last neswletter will be published beginning of...

11.12.2012 / Project - News

10th Training Session 8-9 October 2012 in Preveza, Greece

The Regional Unit of Preveza organized a training session focusing on: “Funding opportunities for projects related to the protection and preservation of the environment in the Regional Unit of Preveza and the region of Epirus in general” on the 8-9 of October, 2012 in Preveza.

06.11.2012 / News - EU Level

Coalition for strong partnership principle in the future Cohesion Policy

Joint letter to ask for a strong partnership principle in the future Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

06.11.2012 / News - National level

SURF Nature conference in Warsaw / Poland on 7 November, 2012

The conference is organized by the General Council of Cotes d'Armor along with Warmia Mazury Voivoidship, the French ambassy and the EU representation in Poland.

05.11.2012 / News - EU Level

Conference "Greening European Regions - Biodiversity as a boost for local and regional economy”

The conference will take place in Oisterwijk (NL), Wednesday, 12 December 2012

02.11.2012 / Project - News

Handbook on Financing biodiversity in the context of the EFRD published

Practical guidance based on the lessons learned from SURF Nature project (ERDF Interreg IVc)

29.10.2012 / News - EU Level

New EEB brochure on Green Infrastructure published

The EEB has produced a new brochure on Green Infrastructure investments under the Cohesion Policy.

29.10.2012 / News - EU Level

New LIFE Publication

The EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee and the European Commission's LIFE Unit have announced the Best LIFE Environment Projects 2011.

29.10.2012 / Project - News

2nd Training Session in Giurgiu County on the 13./14. November, 2012

Facing the end of the SURF project the training session will focus on the dissemination of the project results.

09.10.2012 / Project - News

“Let´s improve the use of EU funds together” - Finale Conference ends with SURF Message

The final conference of the Interreg IVc project, SURF Nature, held on 27 September, 2012, ended with a clear message for shifting the European Regional Policy onto a sustainable path.

31.07.2012 / Project - News

French report on analysis of the use of ERDF for nature protection in Brittany published

Thanks to the support of the EU network "SURF NATURE", Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor managed to carry out an in-depth work with environmental NGOs and local authorities in its area.

27.06.2012 / Project - News

SURF Nature Final Conference in Cardiff, Wales

"Integration of biodiversity funding into future Cohesion Policy" - Final Conference of the SURF Nature Project 26th - 27h September 2012 in Cardiff, Wales

27.06.2012 / Project - News

Successful Training Session and Partner Meeting in Slovenia in May

7.5.2012 – The official start of the training session entitled “The Future Funding of Projects That Protect Nature, Biodiversity and the Environment” began with a warm welcome by Janko Kos (the Mayor of the Žalec Municipality), Janez Jazbec (the Director of the Regional Developmental Agency of the...

27.06.2012 / News - EU Level

Legislative Proposals on EU Cohesion Policy now available in 22 languages

The European Commission has adopted a draft legislative package which will frame cohesion policy for 2014-2020. The new proposals are designed to reinforce the strategic dimension of the policy and to ensure that EU investment is targeted on Europe's long-term goals for growth and jobs ("Europe...

27.06.2012 / News - National level

Celebrating 20 years of EU Nature Protection in Poland

In some European countries took place celebratory events of 20th anniversary of two key instruments for the conservation and sustainable use of nature in the EU: the Habitats Directive and LIFE, the EU financing programme for the environment. The events took place among others in Poland.

27.06.2012 / News - EU Level

LIFE supports growth of multifunctional Green Infrastructure

March saw the release of new studies by the European Commission on the important topic of Green Infrastructure. This new material adds to the growing knowledge-base about Green Infrastructure and provides useful contributions for the preparations underway towards a Commission Green Paper on Green...

27.06.2012 / News - EU Level

Study on Cohesion Policy and Sustainable Development

Produced with the support of the European Commission, a study entitled "Cohesion Policy and Sustainable Development" is now available. The purpose was to examine how Cohesion Policy could contribute to managing the shift to the green economy and to the development of the post-2013 Cohesion Policy...

27.06.2012 / Project - News

Save the date: 6th and last SURF Nature Partner Meeting in Wales in September

The 6th and last partner and steering meeting will take place in Wales in September right after the final conference on September 28th, 2012

04.04.2012 / News - EU Level

Financing Natura 2000

The Directorate-General for the Environment prepared a document regarding possibilities to finance Natura 2000.

04.04.2012 / Project - News

Save the date: 5th SURF Partner & Steering Meeting

This event will take place in Nature Park of the Vrbje Pond nearby Žalec on 10th of May 2012. Partners will have an opportunity to spend working day in the unspoiled nature within the park which was financed by EU funds.

04.04.2012 / Project - News

2 more Thematic booklets published

Two further important project outcomes - the booklets on "Environmental Education" and "Forest Biodiversity" - have been published beginning of this year.

03.04.2012 / Project - News

Save the date: Training Session in Žalec / Slovenia in May, 2012

The main topic is “Funding Nature projects in the future” and there will be representatives from government about future programme period and about ERDF funds, regional representatives about Eco- region, representatives of LIFE+ and other Financial mechanism important in the future nature projects...

29.03.2012 / Project - News

4th Training Session in Austria

The Regional Workshop in Orth/Donau (Austria) on March 27th, organized by Donau-Auen National Park and the Environment Agency Austria, was focusing on the cross-border cooperation programmes of the region in the next funding period, specifically the Slovak-Austrian programme.

29.03.2012 / News - National level

European support for French forests

France has published a working guide on how the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development EAFRD (FEADER in French) can help rural zones in developing the full potential of forests.

29.03.2012 / News - EU Level

The EU budget: More harm than benefit?

This question is addressed by two projects led by the Institute for European Environmental Policy(IEEP) and commissioned by DG Envi and DG Clima. The aim is integrating climate and biodiversity objectives into the CAP and the Cohesion Policy.

29.03.2012 / News - EU Level

Finally an attractive investment in crisis!

Only 17% of Europe´s most valuable habitats and species are in good conservation state! To tackle this issue, the EU pushes forward in establishing the biggest network of protected areas in the world: Natura 2000. This network could soon be the best investment the EU ever made.

29.03.2012 / News - EU Level

The Common Strategic Framework(CSF): Simpler! Better?

Brussels, 14 of March, 2012 Following the proposals for the future cohesion policy last October, the European Commission presented the CSF as a means to support member states in planning investments for the next financial planning period 2014-2020. It will only be adopted after the cohesion...

13.12.2011 / News - National level

Memorandum for joint management of Drin river basin

Controlling and coordinating the waters and biodiversity of the Drin river basin are some of the obligations outlined in the memorandum for joint management of the Drin river basin between FYR Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Greece.

13.12.2011 / News - EU Level

Welcome Croatia - Accession treaty signed

EU and Croatian leaders have signed Croatia's EU Accession Treaty. Subject to the Treaty's ratification by all Member States and Croatia, the country will become the 28th Member State of the European Union on 1 July 2013.

13.12.2011 / News - EU Level

EU Budget: Get real with funding for LIFE and biodiversity

On 12 December the European Commission released its proposals for the LIFE environment fund 2014-2020. Despite an increase from €2.1 billion to €3.2 billion, LIFE will remain too small to make this strategically important fund fit for purpose. LIFE is the only financial instrument of the EU solely...

13.12.2011 / News - EU Level

Financing Natura 2000 Paper published

The EC has placed the EC Staff Working Paper on Financing Natura 2000 on their website now.

06.12.2011 / Project - News

Second thematic booklet published

The booklet "Sustainable Tourism & Nature Conservation - An Investment in our Future" was published in the beginning of December

05.12.2011 / News - EU Level

Interview in CENTRAL EUROPEAN with Johannes Hahn on "Future of Cohesion Policy"

The European Commissioner for Regional Policy is convinced that transnational cooperation will matter for reaching the EU 2020 goals.

05.12.2011 / Project - News

Brussels European Meeting 23 November 2011 - Warmia & Mazury Brussels Regional Office

East Poland House – Regional Office of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship in Brussels was the venue of Brussels European Meeting, SURF-Nature dissemination event that took place on 23 November 2011.

29.11.2011 / News - EU Level

EEA Report: Landscape fragmentation in Europe

Increasing fragmentation of landscapes threatens the wildlife in Europe

15.11.2011 / News - National level

Wales’ Natural Environment Framework – A Living Wales

In Wales, we have a legal duty to Sustainable development and try to consider it in everything we do. A key element of this is protecting our environment.

15.11.2011 / Project - News

Last interregional workshop of the SURF for Nature-Project in Preveza/Greece

The 9th and last interregional workshop on "Wetlands and Biodiversity" took place in Preveza/Greece on the 10th/11th of November.

14.11.2011 / Project - News

Save the dates!

Beside several training sessions in the partner regions there will be two more partner meetings and a closing conference.

10.11.2011 / Project - News

Successful interregional workshop in St. Brieuc

On 6 october 2011, Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor welcome over 80 representatives of local authorities, State departments, universities and environmental NGOs to a seminar on the use of ERDF for environmental education.

10.11.2011 / News - National level

Innovative financing mechanisms for nature conservation: Practice from the Danube river basin

The project “Promoting Payments for Ecosystem Services and Related Sustainable Financing Schemes in the Danube Basin”.

09.11.2011 / News - EU Level

Delivering Europe 2020: Three commissioners outline how they are meeting the targets

The European Union has EU set itself an agenda to achieve smart and sustainable growth for every EU citizen through its 'Europe2020 Strategy'.

09.11.2011 / Project - News

SURF Nature dissemination event - Brussels European Meeting on 23rd of November 2011

2 SURF partners (Warmia & Mazury+ Cotes d'Armor) plan a small SURF-Nature dissemination event in Brussels for the representatives of the European regions.

07.11.2011 / Project - News

1st Training Session in Wales on 3rd of November 2011

In the beginning of November a serie of SURF training sessions started in Cardiff/Wales

14.10.2011 / News - EU Level

Meeting between Potočnik and delegation of ENCORE

Meeting between the European Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Janez Potočnik, and a delegation of ENCORE Ministers in Brussels

06.10.2011 / News - EU Level

European Commission published proposal for new regulations today

The European Commission has adopted a draft legislative package which will frame cohesion policy for 2014-2020. It aims at enforcing the Europe 2020 strategy and provides a budget of 336 billion Euro for Cohesion Policy, which is 1/3 of the total EU budget for this period. Generally two main...

07.07.2011 / News - EU Level

A new era for EU Biodiversity Policy

New EU strategy adopted - On the 3 May 2011 the Commission published a new landmark strategy to improve the state of Europe’s biodiversity over the next decade.

07.07.2011 / News - EU Level

EU Subsidies for polluting and unsustainable practices

EU budget subsidies should be phased out if they are likely to have environmentally harmful effects according to a detailed assessment.

06.07.2011 / Project - News

First booklet on "Green Infrastructure" published

The thematic booklet on "Green Infrastructure - Sustainable Investments for the Benefit of Both People and Nature" is published and available on this website now.

06.07.2011 / News - National level

Green Tourism in Wales

One of Wales’ greatest assets is its natural heritage – the dramatic landscapes, coast and wildlife. And tourism is a major part of Wales’ economy.

04.07.2011 / News - EU Level

Multiannual Financial Framework 2014 - 2020

The Commission presents its proposal for a new financial framework 2014-2020

04.07.2011 / News - EU Level

Regions for economic change

Conference on "Fostering Smart and Sustainable Growth in Cities and Regions" 23 - 24 June 2011

04.07.2011 / Project - News

8th interregional workshop in St. Brieuc / France

The 8th interregional workshop of the Surf Nature project will take place in St. Brieuc (France) on 5 - 7 October 2011 and will deal with environmental education.

04.07.2011 / News - National level

Maison de la Baie

On 26 and 27 March 2011, the Maison de la Baie launched the sustainable Spring of St Brieuc Agglomeration.

04.07.2011 / Project - News

7th interregional workshop in Rieti / Italy

The 7th Interregional Workshop on Management of Natura 2000 Network will take place in Rieti / Italy on 14, 15 and 16 of September, 2011.

04.07.2011 / Project - News

6th interregional workshop in Tyrol / Austria

The 6th interregional workshop on sustainable tourism will take place on 31st of August till 1st of September 2011 in Tyrol, Austria.

04.07.2011 / News - EU Level

Open Days 2011 in Brussels

The OPEN DAYS 2011 participants' registration will start in July, when the full programme is made available online.


Fifth Interregional Workshop in Solsona/Catalonia

The 5th interregional workshop on Forest Biodiversity and Risk Prevention will take place in Solsona/Catalonia on 24th of May

12.04.2011 / Project - News

Fourth interregional workshop in Patras/Greece

The 4th interregional workshop on Natura 2000 Management will take place in Patras/Greece on 14th and 15th April 2011

11.04.2011 / News - EU Level

Commission launches consultations on Resource Efficiency

EU asks for opinions

11.04.2011 / News - EU Level

The UN Green Economy Report

Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

11.04.2011 / News - EU Level

Green Infrastructure Conference

Summary and outcomes of the Green Infrastructure Conference in Brussels, Autumn 2010

11.04.2011 / News - EU Level

Flagship initiative “Sustainable Growth”

Last of the Europe 2020 flagship initiatives launched

11.04.2011 / Project - News

First Thematic booklet

First thematic booklet on “Green Infrastructure- Sustainable Investments for the Benefit of Both People and Nature” launched

11.04.2011 / News - EU Level

EU Commission call for action

"Regional Policy contributing to Sustainable Growth in Europe 2020"

11.04.2011 / Project - News

Nature conservation in Operational Programmes

Launch of the summary of the European operational programmes analysis.

14.12.2010 / Project - News

Project Workshop in Murcia on 29th March 2011

Green infrastructure and regional funding were the key subjects of the third interregional SURF Nature workshop.

13.12.2010 / News - EU Level

Results from UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun

The conference ended with the adoption of a balanced package of decisions that sets all governments more firmly on the path towards a low-emissions future and support enhanced action on climate change in the developing world.

13.12.2010 / News - EU Level

New atlas of soil biodiversity launched

New atlas highlights the value of Europe's soil biodiversity and reveals how it is under threat.

13.12.2010 / News - EU Level

Where do the EU Structural Funds go?

An openly database was developed and released, which serves as a search engine for Europe wide projects financed by EU Structural Funds.


EEA released 4th SOER 2010

SOER 2010 confirms that well-designed environmental policies continue to improve Europe's environment without undermining Europe's growth potential.

13.12.2010 / Project - News

Project workshop in Vienna

The second interregional workshop held on November, 26th 2010 in Vienna was focused on the topic of sustainable tourism and its funding opportunities and allocations through ERDF.

13.12.2010 / News - EU Level

Assessing biodiversity in Europe- the 2010 Report

The new report from the EEA "Assessing biodiversity in Europe – the 2010 report" considers the status and trends of Pan-European biodiversity in a range of ecosystems, and the implications of these trends for biodiversity management policy and practice.

18.11.2010 / News - EU Level

Solutions to end harmful subsidies in EU Budget

A new report launched on 18 November 2010 by seven green NGOs proposes concrete solutions to put an end to environmentally harmful subsidies within the EU Budget.

16.11.2010 / News - EU Level

New Cohesion Report

On the 10 November 2010 the European Commission presented the preliminary version for reform of the EU`s cohesion policy: The fifth report on economic, social and territorial cohesion.

09.11.2010 / News - EU Level

Major step forward - Nagoya COP10 CBD

The tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-10) held on 18.10-29.10.2010 in Nagoya has come to an end.

09.11.2010 / News - EU Level

Communication on EU budget

Nature conservation, biodiversity target or Natura 2000 have not been discussed so far.

09.11.2010 / News - EU Level

ENCORE report on financing Natura 2000 management

ENCORE initiated a survey on the difficulties in co-financing of the management of the Natura 2000 network.

09.11.2010 / Project - News

Project Workshop in Vienna

The second interregional workshop will be held in Vienna on 25-26 November 2010

09.11.2010 / Project - News

Project Output

The analysis of the 44 Operational Programmes from the partners through the SURF-Nature Project is done.

09.11.2010 / News - National level

Added value of cross-border cooperation

The publication of two studies about the evaluation of cross-border cooperation programmes

09.11.2010 / News - EU Level

ENCORE Ministers meet Mr. Janez Potočnik

Meeting between the European Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Janez Potočnik, and a delegation of ENCORE Ministers in Brussels

27.09.2010 / News - EU Level

Green Infrastructure Conference

European Commission Conference on Green Infrastructure implementation in Brussels on November 19, 2010.

24.09.2010 / Project - News

Press release on the project workshop in Wales

Within the frame of the SURF Nature Project a workshop was held in Wales on 15 Sep 2010. Here you can find a press release on the field trip and local projects in north Wales.

10.09.2010 / Project - News

The Open Days 2010

The Open Days – 8th European Week of Regions and Cities (4-7 October 2010) in Brussels

10.09.2010 / Project - News

Results of OP-analysis

SURF Project team analysed the nature spending in 43 Operational programmes

10.09.2010 / Project - News

New partners at SURF nature

We warmly welcome our new project partners “Côte d’ Amor General Council” from France and the “Development agency Savinja” from Slovenia

10.09.2010 / News - EU Level

The International Year of Forests 2011

Protecting forests means protecting biodiversity.

10.09.2010 / Project - News

Partner Meeting and Project Workshop in Wales

The 2nd Partner Meeting and 1st Project Workshop will be held in Wales on 15th and 16th September 2010

10.09.2010 / News - National level

Position of the Republic of Poland on future Cohesion Policy after 2013

The Government of the Republic of Poland released as probably one of the very first EU Members States a position on future Cohesion Policy on 18th August 2010.

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