29.03.2012 / News - National level

European support for French forests

France has published a working guide on how the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development EAFRD (FEADER in French) can help rural zones in developing the full potential of forests.

The French ministry of agriculture published the „FEADER Guide for forestal measures”.
It is an interesting paper for every French initiative or person planning to use forests for production of wood or food, for tourism, or simply to improve its protection against wildfires or other natural disasters. The guide aims at providing information and education, improving forestal competitiveness, promoting the adoption of measures to counter natural risks, conserving of biodiversity and natural heritage, fighting climate change and elaborating local strategies of development.
The guide outlines the impressive advantages a healthy forest can provide in terms of environment, climate protection, biodiversity, higher quality of living, but also in providing highly valuable construction material.
People or initiatives who want to learn how to apply for EU subsidies and how to tackle the administrative hurdles will find the guide especially helpful.
It is, in short, not only a practical instruction on how to benefit from EU subsidies, but also a declaration of love to the forest and its vital role in people’s lives.