10.09.2010 / Project - News

Results of OP-analysis

SURF Project team analysed the nature spending in 43 Operational programmes

Overall programme assessment

The SURF project team analysed Operational Programms worth 70bn Euro of which 1,163 bn. Euro have been allocated for nature conservation and biodiversity under “Code 51"*.
Based on an evaluation matrix the analyses where split in two parts. One qualitative part, which focused on the overall design and quality of the OPs and its planned measures and budget for nature conservation. The second part concentrated on the implementation of the programms, including questions related to the assistance that is provided applicants and the real spending of funds for nature conservation until March 2010. The 43 programmes analysed represented national, regional, transnational and crossborder Operational Programmes (OPs) under the European Regional Development fund from 9 countries.
Initial results show that particularly the transnational and crossborder programs provide a very good quality in terms of financing biodiversity and nature conservation whereas Programms under the Competitiveness objective are rather considered as “flop” in the overall assessment as they provide rather no or indirect opportunities for nature conservation which can only be accessed with some creativity and imagination. The sectoral Environmental OP of Czech Republic, the OP “Environment Romania” and the OP “Environment Western Greece” are the best in terms of planned budget allocations under “Code 51”.
Overall 11% or 7 of all analysed OPs have a proportional budget share of 5% or more under “Code 51” which was considered as a very positive share in the analysis. The high number of programs with 0% allocations results from the fact that also sectoral programs have been screened that are not linked with the environment, although some of them have shown potential for indirect opportunities to support biodiversity.
As concerns the absorption rate, only 27% of all analyzed OPs have spent more than 30% of the available budget for nature conservation by 31st March, 2010. Many other programmes show a too low absorption.
Each of the 43 OP analyses is summarized in a small report, which can be found soon under the respective partner section on our website All reports will be translated in the partner languages and published online in the next month.
In addition all results of the OPs analysis will be summarized in a comprehensive report until the end of November.

*Code 51 is a budget allocation category under the Cohesion Policy 2007-2013 introduce by the Commission. Code 51 could be a part of the compulsory breakdown of funds per category of intervention, which all funds have to state. It refers to the “Promotion of biodiversity and nature protection (including Natura 2000).