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Project workshop in Vienna

The second interregional workshop held on November, 26th 2010 in Vienna was focused on the topic of sustainable tourism and its funding opportunities and allocations through ERDF.

The second interregional workshop of the SURF-Nature project was held on November, 26th 2010 in Vienna. The workshop was focused on the topic of sustainable tourism and its funding opportunities and allocations through ERDF.

The workshop was organized in three modules:
•  Modul I ERDF Funding perspective of different levels
•  Modul II good practice projects
•  Modul III working groups - What do we need to increase the number of successful projects?

Presentations of the ERDF Funding perspective of the different levels – regional, cross-border and transnational and of good practice examples informed about the different approaches how to make best use of the current funding policies of ERDF in Austria and other partner regions. In ERDF -Regional Competitiveness and Employment there is only marginal potential in funding nature conservation and sustainable tourism projects . A positive example from Lower Saxony demonstrated that also at the regional level nature conservation can be integrated very well. Whereas in ERDF - European Territorial Cooperation funding opportunities for nature conservation projects are well provided as presented by means of the Cross-Border Cooperation Austria-Slovakia. Focusing more on projects it was obvious that tourism is an important partner of nature protection to maintain biodiversity, but clear targets and restrictions are needed for both sides. Italy, Greece and Austria introduced good practice examples targeted on nature conservation and tourism.

In three working groups participants discussed:
• Exchanging Good Practices
What are the requirements and the factors for success to start and run a project in sustainable tourism and/or nature protection?
• Operational Programs
What are your expectations on the ERDF- Operational Programs and their implementation to carry out projects for nature conservation/tourism?
• New project ideas & partner search
Brainstorming new project ideas and finding new partners
The contributions in the working groups were very valuable and will support the further outcomes of the SURF-Nature project.

The modular organization provided the framework for a fruitful and lively exchange of knowledge, good practices and lessons learned among the SURF-Nature project partners and stakeholders of the Viennese region.

An excursion organized for the project partners to Nationalpark Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel gave the opportunity to learn about the approaches there and its implementation on-site.