06.10.2011 / News - EU Level

European Commission published proposal for new regulations today

The European Commission has adopted a draft legislative package which will frame cohesion policy for 2014-2020. It aims at enforcing the Europe 2020 strategy and provides a budget of 336 billion Euro for Cohesion Policy, which is 1/3 of the total EU budget for this period. Generally two main changes in contrast to the current regulations can be pointed out:

  • fewer investment priorities by the Member States and the set of clear targets and set aside of  financial performance reserve to reward regions who do best in reaching their goals. On the other hand the Commission can suspend the funding in case of worse implementation.
  • the rules of different funds will be simplified and harmonized and a more integrated approach will make sure the various funds serve coherent goals.

Regarding the protection of nature and biodiversity this proposal is a threatening danger due to the funding of environmental harmful subsidies such as road construction and big projects with technical solutions for natural risks e.g. floodmanagement.   

On the other hand there is a great chance for biodiversity and general nature protection through the 6th thematic objective ("protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency"), which is the one out of 11 others directly dealing with protecting the envrionment and it includes beside four other  investment priorities "protecting biodiversity, soil protection and promoting ecosystem services including NATURA 2000 and green infrastructures;"

Through Partnership Contracts agreed with the Commission, the Member States will commit to focussing on fewer investment priorities in line with these objectives.  

Find the whole documents here: