29.03.2012 / News - EU Level

The EU budget: More harm than benefit?

This question is addressed by two projects led by the Institute for European Environmental Policy(IEEP) and commissioned by DG Envi and DG Clima. The aim is integrating climate and biodiversity objectives into the CAP and the Cohesion Policy.

Two projects have been set up to integrate climate change and biodiversity issues into the EU Budget: One commissioned by DG ENVI, one by DG Clima.
The first one, lead by DG ENVI is aimed at identifying the negative impacts of the EU Budget on biodiversity. The objective is screening and analyzing the most important EU funds in regard of their danger for biodiversity. The study will help to implement tools to help minimize the negative effects on biodiversity in the next financial period 2014-2020.
The second one aims at assessing different strategies to adapt to and mitigate climate change, considering costs and benefits. The measures proposed here will be funded through the Cohesion Policy and the CAP, supporting the development of technical guidance, the collection of information and the foundation of a platform for strengthening stakeholder interaction.    
Both projects will be vital for providing evidence base for EU funding as well as developing concepts to promote climate and biodiversity proofing in EU spending, ultimately helping to phase out harmful EU subsidies.
Both projects are due to conclude in summer 2012.

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