27.06.2012 / News - EU Level

LIFE supports growth of multifunctional Green Infrastructure

March saw the release of new studies by the European Commission on the important topic of Green Infrastructure. This new material adds to the growing knowledge-base about Green Infrastructure and provides useful contributions for the preparations underway towards a Commission Green Paper on Green Infrastructure, proposed for later this year.

LIFE is acknowledged in the European Commission’s new Green Infrastructure  studies which include reference to how LIFE has, “already made a significant contribution to protecting Europe’s biodiversity thought investments in Green Infrastructure, mainly on a local or regional level”; and that, “Further work is now needed to assess the substantial knowledge acquired through LIFE-funded projects.”

These comments were made in connection with the experiences of LIFE projects supporting the multifunctional potential of Green Infrastructure. A range of inter-related benefits are attributed to LIFE in this realm such as: protecting ecosystem functionality; conserving biodiversity; maintaining ecosystem services; promoting societal well-being and health; as well as supporting the growth of green economies and sustainable management of land and water resources.

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