05.11.2012 / News - EU Level

Conference "Greening European Regions - Biodiversity as a boost for local and regional economy”

The conference will take place in Oisterwijk (NL), Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It will be hosted by the Mayor of Oisterwijk Mr Hans Janssen, who will co-chair the event together with Mr Rob Wolters, Executive Director of ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation. The Conference, supported by the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions and the Belgian Province of Limburg, will be organized in cooperation with the Province of Noord-Brabant (NL).

The event will bring together participants from all over Europe, working in the field of biodiversity (or planning to do so) at local and regional levels, to contribute to the implementation of biodiversity policies and objectives in the field. The Conference will provide a platform for informing, exchanging and networking about the practical delivery of biodiversity and ecosystem services and their vital contribution to a greening of the local and regional economies.
Peter Tramberend from Umweltbundesamt in Vienna is going to present the SURF Nature project.

Brief overview of the programme (for the full programme, please click here):

•    After a plenary welcoming and introduction session, the participants will split up in three working groups addressing the following themes: ‘Green Infrastructure’, ‘Green Economy’ and ‘Green Partnerships’.
•    Each working group will be led by a chairperson and facilitator. Two presentations of practical biodiversity projects at regional level will provide the context for a facilitated discussion about the opportunities, barriers and solutions of the three themes.
•    The results of the working group sessions will be presented in plenary in the afternoon and their policy implications will be commented on by a panel of regional network representatives.
•    The second part of the afternoon will be dedicated to exploring practical opportunities for interregional cooperation: ideas for joint project proposals, opportunities for staff exchanges and other forms of cooperation. The project information market will provide the setting for these exchanges.
•    After the official closing a drink will be offered.