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10th Training Session 8-9 October 2012 in Preveza, Greece

The Regional Unit of Preveza organized a training session focusing on: “Funding opportunities for projects related to the protection and preservation of the environment in the Regional Unit of Preveza and the region of Epirus in general” on the 8-9 of October, 2012 in Preveza.

The Training Session is part of the SURF Nature project (Sustainable Use of Regional Funds for Nature), financed through the INTERREG IVC Programme and took place in Preveza, with the participation of local stakeholders.

The Training Session’ objective was to inform local stakeholders about current and future funding opportunities for nature conservation and biodiversity projects and to provide them the necessary knowledge and information for successful proposal submitting and project implementation.

The first day of the Training Session took place at the Preveza City Hotel, headlining on "Mapping the current situation - Funding opportunities". During the session, issues related to the environment, biodiversity and protected areas were presented and discussed, and some successful examples and good practices on project funding in this field were given. Furthermore, the current funding opportunities and expected actions of programming period 2014-2020 were analyzed. These presentations were made by representatives of local and other Greek institutions like Amvrakikos Wetlands Management Authority, the Development Agency for South Epirus - Amvrakikos (ETANAM), the University of Piraeus and Intermediate Managing Authority (IMA) of Epirus.

During the second day the session was held at the offices of Regional Unit of Preveza focusing on "Successful proposal submission and funding for projects related to the protection and preservation of the environment”. The specific requirements for project finance on conservation and environmental management were analyzed and some basic guidelines for proper project, partnership and strategy selection were given, including also project submission and implementation.

Almost 30 persons attended the Training Session both days.

This Training Session is part of a series of training or informative sessions planned throughout the implementation phase of the SURF Nature project (2010-2012), with the aim of furthering the knowledge and the capacity of institutions and organisations from partnering countries to identify funding opportunities for sustainable development and nature conservation and to apply for them.

The general goal of the SURF Nature project is to optimize the regional policies and practices, to turn them into more efficient instruments for nature and biodiversity conservation, by increasing the funding opportunities through the ERDF and by boosting the impact of these measures.

Ilias Koukos

Please find attached some files of the session.