12.04.2011 / Project - News

Fourth interregional workshop in Patras/Greece

The 4th interregional workshop on Natura 2000 Management will take place in Patras/Greece on 14th and 15th April 2011

As part of the SURF Nature Project the fourth interregional workshop will take place in Patras, Greece on 14th and 15th April 2011. The event will address the topic of Natura 2000 management and its funding opportunities through European regional funds. In the morning of the first day an open event with presentations and round table discussions will take place, while the afternoon is planned for a workshop session only for project partners. On the second day the participants will visit the Wetland area of Strofylia and Kotychi as a study visit. We welcome all interests to join the event and present the final agenda as soon as possible on this project website.