11.04.2011 / Project - News

Nature conservation in Operational Programmes

Launch of the summary of the European operational programmes analysis.

One main objective of the Surf Nature project is the analysis of Operational Programmes in the partner regions, while screening the Programmes for the execution of code 51, which stands for the promotion of biodiversity and nature conservation. In order to gain comparative results a joint evaluation matrix was developed to check the quality of programme design and implementation.
The analysis will lay open every single component of an Operational Programme to get a better idea of threats for a successful implementation of the programmes. In this regard this summary also delivers an insight into the wide range of programme implementation activities like web performance and application modalities and opposes them with e.g. the total number of applications per year. A great und intensive comparison of European Operational Programmes could be achieved by using this method, especially under nature conservation aspects. The aim is to deliver good practice examples, which should serve as a guideline for sustainable future regional policies.
Finally recommendations for the current and next financing period are given. For the next period the SURF Nature project recommends for example to clearly integrate biodiversity in all components of an Operational Programme and to include nature conservation as a separate activity, which makes the funding opportunities more visible or to change the financing modalities for instance for NGOs, small enterprises and individuals as well as offering more professional support to ensure a higher amount of successful project applications.
Find the summarizing publication here: