11.04.2011 / Project - News

First Thematic booklet

First thematic booklet on “Green Infrastructure- Sustainable Investments for the Benefit of Both People and Nature” launched

Beside analyzing Operational Programmes and collecting good practice examples, the partners of the Surf Nature project have chosen five topics (green infrastructure, sustainable tourism, management of Natura 2000 sites, environmental education and forests and biodiversity) for exchanging experience in funding policies and will produce a series of thematic booklets on these topics. The first published booklet deals with green infrastructure and aims at explaining the basics of green infrastructure – a rather new concept with a plenty of facets – in relation to Regional Policy and presenting some approaches to this concept as identified in partner regions. It describes the status of protected areas in Europe, the services that healthy ecosystems provide people with and the need of maintaining their ecological coherence. How is biodiversity affected by habitat fragmentation and what is the role that green infrastructure plays in maintaining and creating landscape features necessary for the ecosystems to keep on providing the services that people depend on are another issues approached in this booklet. The EU policy on green infrastructure, general information on how to build a green infrastructure and concrete examples from three countries partner in the SURF‑nature project are also presented further on and aim at conveying the essentials and a starting point for future discussions on the concept of green infrastructure.

Find the booklet here: