04.07.2011 / News - National level

Maison de la Baie

On 26 and 27 March 2011, the Maison de la Baie launched the sustainable Spring of St Brieuc Agglomeration.

by Gilles Bentz

The Maison de la Baie overlooks the remarkable natural site of the Bay of Saint Brieuc.It has been recently renovated and expanded thanks to the support of the Bretagne ERDF competitiveness programme and the contribution of local authorities.
The Maison de la Baie is a Maison Nature, or Nature Centre (label awarded by the General Council), whose main purpose is to provide environmental education in the Bay of Saint Brieuc. Its objectives are to raise awareness and promote the natural resources of the Bay of Saint Brieuc in order to educate the public about preserving the natural heritage.
The Bay of St. Brieuc is the fifth bay worldwide in terms of tide amplitude. The bay is recognized as a coastal wetland of international importance, with considerable natural diversity: geology of international interest, varied coastal and marine habitats, large wintering area frequented by some 40,000 birds, 21 species of protected plants. In 1998 a portion of its territory was transformed into a 1,140-hectare nature reserve. The reserve is near a town with 112,000 inhabitants.
On 26 and 27 March, free guided visits were organised, as well as bird watching walks and outdoor sports demonstrations. Art workshops and an organic market has taken place, while theatre and music sessions have surprised the visitors.