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Austria - Region and Nature

Despite its relatively small size of 83.858 km2 Austria shows an exceptionally diversified landscape and climate.

The country can be divided into 3 major landscape divisions (alpine, continental, pannonian) which contain 10 biogeographical areas. Agriculture and forestry dominate Austria's cultural landscape. Nearly half of Austria's surface area is covered with forests, around one third is agricultural land. Residential areas and traffic infrastructure are growing rapidly.

Both Austria’s fauna and flora are very rich in species. At the Central European level Austria is one of the most species-rich countries in terms of plant species, with spermatophytes and pteridophytes comprising 2,950 species taking a clear lead.

In Austria all matters related to nature conservation are with the competence of the federal provinces. Therefore there are nine separate provincial nature conservation laws. There is no Federal law establishing the framework for detailed legislation by the provinces.
About 27% of the national territory are protected by nature conservation law, more precisely by separate ordinances for every protected area. Both the provisions of protection for the categories and the stipulations, prescribed by ordinance, for every protected area vary.

Umweltbundesamt - Environment Agency Austria

Umweltbundesamt is the leading Austrian expert organisation for all environmental issues and media. Umweltbundesamt works for the conservation of nature and the environment, and thus contributes to the sustainable development of society. Its core tasks include the monitoring, management and evaluation of environmental data.

Umweltbundesamt employees work in four programmes: Nature & Usages, Economy & Impact, Data & Diagnosis, Substances & Analysis, and. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Umweltbundesamt experts provide recommendations for decision-makers in politics, business and administration and develop strategic perspectives and scenarios for the achievement of environmental policy targets in Austria and Europe.

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