12th Training Session in Olomouc/Czech Republic

A second set of training sessions has been organised from the Czech partner for students of the University in Olomouc at October 24th and 30th, November 21st and December 5th, 2012

08.01.2013 / Project - News

11th Training Session in Giurgiu County / Romania on 15th of November, 2012

On 15th November 2012 – WWF-Romania and Giurgiu County Council organised the seminar ”European funds and their accessibility for nature conservation and a sustainable development of communities in Giurgiu County” between November 13-14th. This was part of the SURF Nature project (Sustainable Use of...

11.12.2012 / Project - News

10th Training Session 8-9 October 2012 in Preveza, Greece

The Regional Unit of Preveza organized a training session focusing on: “Funding opportunities for projects related to the protection and preservation of the environment in the Regional Unit of Preveza and the region of Epirus in general” on the 8-9 of October, 2012 in Preveza.

06.11.2012 / News - National level

SURF Nature conference in Warsaw / Poland on 7 November, 2012

The conference is organized by the General Council of Cotes d'Armor along with Warmia Mazury Voivoidship, the French ambassy and the EU representation in Poland.

07.08.2012 / Project - News

SURF Nature Final Conference in Cardiff, Wales

"Integration of biodiversity funding into future Cohesion Policy" - Final Conference of the SURF Nature Project 26th - 27h September 2012 in Cardiff, Wales has been a great success

30.07.2012 / Project - News

9th Training Session in Giurgiu County / Romania from 30th - 31st of July, 2012

The 9th training session was organized by Giurgiu County Council and WWF Romania

12.06.2012 / Project - News

8th Training Session in Solsona / Catalonia on 28th of June, 2012

The training session was organized together with a Catalan Network of Environmental NGOs, and two other very representative entities of the natural heritage/rural sector in Catalonia.

12.06.2012 / Project - News

7th Training Session in Rieti / Italy on June 15th, 2012

Environment is a priceless resource for our territory. But how you can find the financial resources for preserving and improving it ? Who and how run these? What kind of interventions do these support ?


6th Training Session in St. Brieuc, France, on the 15th of June, 2012

The 6th Training Session took place in St. Brieuc, France, and aimed to present some important project results, exchange experiences from other nature conservation projects and present recommendations for the next funding period.

03.04.2012 / Project - News

5th Training Session in Žalec / Slovenia in May, 2012

“Funding Nature projects in the future” was the main topic of this training session.

29.03.2012 / Project - News

4th Training Session in Austria

The Regional Workshop in Orth/Donau (Austria) on March 27th, organized by Donau-Auen National Park and the Environment Agency Austria, was focusing on the cross-border cooperation programmes of the region in the next funding period, specifically the Slovak-Austrian programme.


3rd Training Session in Olsztyn, Poland

The third training session took place in Olsztyn (Poland), December 9, 2011

25.11.2011 / Project - News

2nd Training Session Olomouc / Czech Republic

The Palacky University in Olomouc / Czech Republic organizes a three-day training session

09.11.2011 / Project - News

SURF Nature dissemination event - Brussels European Meeting on 23rd of November 2011

2 SURF partners (Warmia & Mazury+ Cotes d'Armor) organized a small SURF-Nature dissemination event in Brussels for the representatives of the European regions.

07.11.2011 / Project - News

1st Training Session in Wales on 3rd of November 2011

In the beginning of November a serie of SURF training sessions started in Cardiff/Wales


9th Interregional Workshop on "Wetlands and Biodiversity" in Preveza / Greece

The next and last interregional workshop took place in Preveza / Greece on November 10th and 11th, 2011


8th Interregional Workshop in France

Environmental Education


7th Interregional Workshop in Rieti / Italy

Management of Natura 2000 Network


6th Interregional Workshop in Austria

The 6th Interregional workshop of the Surf Nature project on 31. august and 1. September 2011 dealed with sustainable tourism and forest and biodiversity.


5th interregional workshop in Solsona/Catalonia

The 5th interregional workshop on Forest Biodiversity and Risk Prevention took place in Solsona/Catalonia on 24th of May


4th interregional workshop in Patras / Greece

4th interregional workshop in Patras, Greece on 14th and 15th April 2011


3rd Interregional Workshop on 29th of March in Murcia

European Funding - Biodiversity and Land use


2nd Interregional Workshop in November in Vienna

The workshop was focused on the topic of sustainable tourism and its funding opportunities and allocations through ERDF.

15.09.2010 / Events

1st Project Workshop in September Wales

The first project workshop of the SURF-Nature project was held on September, 15th 2010 in Wales.

11.06.2010 / Events

Launch Conference in Olsztyn/ Poland

The launch conference of the SURF-nature project was held in collaboration with the ENCORE conference of the regions of Europe and took place from 10th -12th June 2010 in Olsztyn/ Poland. The SURF-partners participated along with representatives from over 40 regions of 15 EU countries. Against the...